Quinoa feta hashbrowns at Elk and Pea, and other Lonsdale St offerings

The Elk and Pea Lonsdale Street Braddon ReviewThe Elk and Pea Lonsdale Street Braddon Review Like so many Sunday mornings, we woke up late and dehydrated. At about 10:30am we hauled our hungry selves to Lonsdale St, Braddon where we make a last minute decision to eat at Elk and Pea. The place is packed, as always. We always make the mistake of going to Elk and Pea starved and without a booking - inevitably there is a 30minute wait to get seated and another 30 minute wait for food and coffee to arrive after ordering.

Their quinoa, feta, zucchini and corn hashbrowns are out of this world  so I feel it was worth the wait.

The Elk and Pea Lonsdale Street Braddon Review

Autolyse Pressed Juice Bar Braddon Canberra

We've been to Autolyse on Lonsdale St almost every weekend, but funnily enough never tried their hole in the wall fresh pressed juice bar next door. The juices are $8 for 500mL, which is more than I'm used to paying for juice (unless that juice has vodka mixed in it) but that aside- the apple, coconut, and cinnamon pressed juice is delicious drinking.

Lonsdale Street Traders is a cute artisan market area with niche clothing stores, designer furniture, a florist, cafe, and various art studios. I like having a look around on the weekend and cooing at all the things that I want but can't afford.

Lonsdale Street Traders CanberraLonsdale Street Traders CanberraLonsdale Street Traders Canberra

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