Foggy morning on Lake Burley Griffin

_MG_4006_MG_4036_MG_4069_MG_4054_MG_4031_MG_4028 In Canberra you can really see and feel the four seasons. The environment changes quite dramatically through the year, and it can be quite exciting to walk around with a camera when the leaves turn crimson in Autumn, when cherry blossoms explode into flower in Spring; and when the mornings become foggy and mysterious in winter. I wonder if I would notice these things if I wasn't new to Canberra?

Lake Burley Griffin is my main jogging route because it is easily accessible from where I live in Braddon, and because it is quite a picturesque run. I think the lake looks it's best and most serene in the early morning, especially in winter when everything is enveloped in a white fog. You can't feel your extremities, but it sure is pretty!

My 30mm 1.4 prime lens is what I use for most things, but I find it especially beautiful for these sorts of landscapes- there is a kind of magic about that focal length and the way it draws the world. You have to get close to animals to photograph them in any sort of detail, but when you physically move closer there is an visible intimacy in the image that you don't find in your stalker/paparazzi/birdwatching long focal lengths.

notes: Canon 60D Sigma 30mm 1.4