Hobart: wedding errands and scallop pies

Tasmania, and Hobart in particular, is a special place for us. We've lived in a few places in the last few years, with friends scattered in various states - so it made sense to have a (domestic) destination wedding. Having our wedding in Hobart was an easy decision to make. A few weekends ago, Phil and I flew to Hobart to finalise the reception, church, and make a decision on the band that we wanted for our reception. We had done a lot of exploring in the city and surrounds so we decided to take it easy this time around and just visit a few favourite places and have as many scallop pies as our digestive systems would allow.

Some images from our weekend away...

Hobart waterfront photographHobart waterfront photographHobart waterfront Henry JonesHobart waterfront Hobart waterfront Hobart waterfront Hobart Salamanca to Battery Point

Hobart Salamanca to Battery Point

The church in Battery Point that we originally decided on turned out to be problematic (possible exterior construction work in 2016), and it was a last minute decision to visit St David's Anglican Cathedral as an alternative. I fell in love with the soft but dramatic qualities of the light filtering through the windows, the beautiful architecture and design details- so it was another easy decision.

Hobart wedding St David's CathedralHobart wedding St David's Cathedral

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Hobart Salamanca to Battery Point Wedding

Let's talk about scallop pies. One of my favourite lunch time places in Hobart- Jackson and McCross Bakery in the gorgeous historic area of Battery Point. They have a great menu, but I always always go for their scallop and wakame pie with wasabi, leeks, and corn. The pastry is to die for, and the pie is stuffed with 5-6 juicy scallops cooked perfectly.

Hobart wedding-11Jackman and McRoss Scallop Pie Battery Point Hobart

Jackman and McRoss Scallop Pie Battery Point Hobart Jackman and McRoss Scallop Pie Battery Point HobartHobart wedding-8Pictured below: scallop pies from Salamanca Bakehouse. Your typical bakery pie, with fresh but unremarkable pastry- but filled with about 5 incredibly fresh and plump scallops in the typical Hobartian Keen's curry sauce. The bakery is opened 24 hours, which I find astounding for a smallish city like Hobart.

Salamanca Bakery Scallop Pie HobartSalamanca Bakery Scallop Pie Hobart

Pictured below: Maldini's at Salamanca Place, humble Italian fare done beautifully.

Maldini Hobart Salamanca Maldini Hobart Salamanca Maldini Hobart Salamanca Maldini Hobart Salamanca Maldini Hobart Salamanca

Below: having a dinner at cheesy-but-fun themed restaurant "The Drunken North". Like most place in Hobart, the seafood is generously portioned and extremely fresh. Not 'fine dining' by any stretch of the imagination - but fun. The Drunken Admiral Seafood Restaurant, Hobart

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