Homecoming - an editorial

In the 6 months before they fenced off and knocked down the Bega Flats in Canberra, I had noticed the building becoming gradually quieter as the tenants started vacating. It was on my regular jogging route, and for the first time I noticed what a cool building it was. I ended up doing an editorial shoot there with Gem (images from the shoot in this blog post)   

Bega was part of the 'ABC' flats - Allawah, Bega, Currong, and they were all in the process of being cleared to make way for new buildings. This reminded me of Alphabet City in New York, as it was protrayed in 'Rent'- this suddenly made the demolition incredibly evocative and nostalgic. When I heard from Laura (from Lux & Us) that she spent the first year of her life there I knew that I had to take her portraits in that location.

Laura's words:   

" Bega Court, or Bega flats, was an ACT Government Housing complex established in the 1950s, and, was the first place I lived.

Being only brief and in the first year of my life, I don’t remember anything and have viewed it only from the outside for the following 2-25 years. In more recent years, I’ve found myself admiring the buildings for their Post-War International style design and continued purpose, and perhaps also accepting my earlier connection to the dwellings - realising I shouldn’t be embarrassed for having lived there. Fun fact: over 80% of Singapore’s residents live in public housing, 90% of which own their homes.

After finding an appreciation for these flats and their cubist form, I had an urge to take photographs there but before I knew it the flats were vacated, fenced off and planned for demolition (which, by the way, I am not opposed to).

Although not behind the camera as I had imagined, my photographic dreams were granted by Jenny of Straight No Chaser photography. I met Jenny last year in Barcelona of all places after following and loving her work via social media.
Jenny’s lust for pink walls and my curiosity to return to my first home made for super chilled and fun afternoon.
Wearing my great grandmothers coat and being in front of the lens and photographer whose work inspires me, was pretty damn cool."

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