Portraits in abandoned spaces // Megan

There's something poetic about abandoned buildings. Often there's enough left behind to give you clues about what it was like in the past, and without realising it you naturally fill the space with your imagination. 

This vacant nursery is just beautiful to photograph portraits in. The ivy creeping over the windows have grown through little cracks in the wood, so a little bit of the outside has made it's way indoors; and on a nice day the light filtering through all the windows is soft and glowy. On the day of the shoot, it was rainy and so dark I wasn't sure whether I was going to get any decent images  (hello Canberra winter!)- but after looking at the back of my camera, with images shot wide open at 1.6, it was like my camera could see what my eye could not. Check it out!  

Model: Megan Dawson 

HMUA: Madeleine R Makeup Artistry

Abandoned spaces: Editorial portraits in Piallago, Canberra
Piallago Editorial Portrait Session: Megan
Piallago Editorial Portrait Session: Megan

notes: colour images processed with my M5 inspired Lightroom preset, black and white images processed with my B&W Clean Fade preset. Both available for download at my Etsy Store