Self Portrait

14 days of Self Portraits- Red Lips, Soft Tones

Ok so when I started my #SelfPortraitADay14Days on Instagram, the idea was that it was going to be a learning experience that will have me shooting something different every day over 14 consecutive days. It's turned into something more along the lines of 14 self portraits taken sporadically over several weeks... when I remember. Will post some more when I get time. 

This one was taken around 7pm when I had changed out of my work clothes but hadn't removed my makeup for the day. The light was soft, I was home alone with not much planned, and I was excited about my new Sigma 50mm 1.4 Art lens that I had bought in a moment of weakness.

I'm happy with how the images turned out, and even happier about how they look with my VSCO Cam Inspired M5 Lightroom preset, which gave it soft vintage-y tones. I have the before and after images at the bottom of the post- with this preset I almost never have to touch up skin in portraits. 

Still trying out how to get more accurate autofocus with these self portraits! Any tips?

Soft vintage tones Lightroom Edit

Lightroom editing preset tutorial here and available for purchase at my Etsy Store StraightNoChaserPix