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Hi folks!

After a bit of soul searching and nail biting, I've decided to rebrand to Jenny Wu Photography - moving on from Straight No Chaser Photography. 

Straight No Chaser (from the super cool Thelonious Monk song) was the original name of my lifestyle/food/travel blog, and it made sense at the time but now it just seems a bit mismatched to my work and confusing. 


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My presets are still branded as Straight No Chaser Presets. 

Homecoming - an editorial

Homecoming - an editorial

In the 6 months before they fenced off and knocked down the Bega Flats in Canberra, I had noticed the building becoming gradually quieter as the tenants started vacating. It was on my regular jogging route, and for the first time I noticed what a cool building it was. I ended up doing an editorial shoot there with Gem (images from the shoot in this blog post)   

Bega was part of the 'ABC' flats - Allawah, Bega, Currong, and they were all in the process of being cleared to make way for new buildings. This reminded me of Alphabet City in New York, as it was protrayed in 'Rent'- this suddenly made the demolition incredibly evocative and nostalgic. When I heard from Laura (from Lux & Us) that she spent the first year of her life there I knew that I had to take her portraits in that location.

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